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Ladies Finger / भेंडी DFF Cleaned
₹28.00 ₹19.00 250 g
Potato / बटाटे DFF Checked
₹44.00 ₹35.00 1 kg
Onion - Medium / कांदा DFF Checked
₹35.00 ₹22.00 1 kg
Tomato / टोमॅटो DFF Cleaned
₹15.00 ₹12.00 500 g
Cauliflower / फुलकोबी DFF Cleaned
₹35.00 ₹29.00 250 g
Cucumber-White / काकडी- पांढरी DFF Cleaned
₹18.00 ₹12.00 250 g
Bottle Gourd / दुधी भोपळा DFF Cleaned
₹15.00 ₹12.00 250 g
Lemon / लिंबू DFF Cleaned
₹25.00 ₹21.00 5 pcs (appx. 100-200g)
Capsicum Green / ढोबळी मिरची DFF Cleaned
₹25.00 ₹20.00 250 g
Ginger / आले DFF Cleaned
₹17.00 ₹15.00 100 g
Chilli Green / हिरवी मिरची DFF Cleaned
₹15.00 ₹11.00 100 g
Brinjal Varikatri / काटेरी वांगी DFF Cleaned
₹20.00 ₹17.00 250 g
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    "DFarmFresh was unbelievably helpful for me when I wanted some fruits and vegetables for my family.Anytime I need something DFarmFresh has it.I will be purchasing from them."
    Shweta Amrutkar Happy Customer
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    "I am so glad that you came over quickly.It was late night and I am unable to go at market. Its amazing experience to shop at DFarmFresh.
    That was great service.Thank You so much DFarmFresh and thanks to guys! "
    Prachi Nikam Happy Customer
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    "So Fast! Very easy process to order and purchase from DFarmFresh.I could do everything online but firstly tried order for veggies. And yes it comes so fast. I am also happy that I could do payment as I want."
    Prasad Andure Happy Customer
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    "DFarmFresh connects peoples by satisfying their requirements of orders placed by them. I am very impressed by the quality and service provided by them. Thanks guys for your support!"
    Bharat Sonawane Happy Customer
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    "The reason anyone can purchase from DFarmFresh is clean produce fruits and vegetables. Its wonderful exeperince to order @DFarmFresh. Quick service, clean and fresh produce."
    Someshwar Bote Happy Customer

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